Friday, November 21, 2008

Passing the Time

I spent almost the entire day sewing-- working on the aforementioned jacket (in older posts), which my mom now says looks like a marching band uniform. I did a lot of hand sewing and as a result, have a blister on my middle finger because I did not deem it necessary to use a thimble. I also managed to cut a nice sized chunk out of my index finger with a pair of scissors. I took a break on that one, but then pressed on. I thought it might be nice to post some pictures of my handiwork, of which I am quite proud. No date yet as to when this project will be finished, but I'll keep plugging along (and showing you my progress).

The lapel (for lack of a better name). All of the black trim was hand-stitched down and each one hides a buttonhole.

The lapel pinned to the rest of the jacket on one side.

The back of the jacket.

My favorite feature: a pleated peplum. Before I was struck with the inspiration to put the pleats in, the back was completely plain.

Prior to making the jacket in the fashion fabric, I made it in muslin to test out the fit and design. This is called a toile (pronounced twall). As you can see, the original back did not have pleats and was shorter.

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