Thursday, April 9, 2009

Agency Love-- the girls of Click

While I'm not with Click anymore (you can view my old comp card here), I can't help but feel proud of some of the girls I used to work alongside with. I was signed with Click for six years, and after all that time, you begin to fill like you're all part of a big family.

Here are two stars on the rise:



Ubah Hassan, a beautiful and energetic girl from Somalia, is the face of Ralph Lauren this season, and she closed his safari-inspired collection at this past fashion week.

She recently spoke with Iman about the struggles of being a black model in the fashion industry.




Lyndsey Scott, a young lady hailing from New Jersey, walked as an exclusive for Calvin Klein. That's truly an honor, and even more so as she is the first black girl to do so.

Pony Ryder did an exclusive interview with her here and I've posted below a video of Ellegirl Magazine following her around to castings.

As those of you who regularly read my blog know, I just got a new computer. In the process of transferring my photos over from the old one, I found these pictures from a job I did with both Ubah and Lyndsey in October of 2007.

Click girls-- My beautiful Russian friend, Mila Filatova, with models Ubah Hassan and Sarah Noble

The gorgeous Lyndsey Scott and me (yes, with toilet paper in my hair)

More Click girls: Sarah, Laura, Kanami, me, Ubah, and Caitlin

While researching for this blog entry, I discovered that Click now has a blog. They started it in February '09 and use it to showcase some of the high-profile booking their models have garnered.

I'm happy to see some old familiar faces (both friends and acquaintances) on their blog. Since moving home last year, I've felt a bit out of the loop.

Apparently Sandrine, a gal from France who is such a sweetheart, booked the IZOD campaign. I've always thought she was stunning-- the rare blonde who, even if she wasn't blonde, would be gorgeous.
(That sounds nasty, but IMHO, there are way too many blondes out there who commercialize on their hair color, and don't have much else to offer in the looks department. I mean, if they were to go brunette, they would likely not get much attention).


I saw saw my old friend, Mats, on the blog. The Swede, a former pro hockey player, started modeling after some injuries sidelined him for a bit.


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