Sunday, April 26, 2009

I Won!

At the end of March I entered a contest that I saw posted on the Craft Magazine blog. I'm always entering these things (and you should too!) because you never know, you might actually win!

The book is filled (over 400 pages) with lots of fun crafts. The how-to-make silhouettes one caught my eye (I LOVE silhouettes!), as did the making candles section. That said, I think I'll pass this book along to my twin, who is infinitely more crafty than I am and adores Martha.

Do you use Google Reader? It's a great way to follow your favorite blogs, as well as other websites. You just subscribe to the websites feed (it's easy-- Google Reader will show you how) and voila! Instead of having to go to each blog's page each day to see if they've updated, it'll all come to you in a nice format in the Reader. That's how I stay on top of the blogs I read-- which means-- I always know when there is a new contest to enter. (Like this one where some crazy blogger is giving away tickets to see the Jonas Brothers in concert in Canada. If you win, they'll even fly you there!)


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