Monday, April 27, 2009

Birdcage Vintage-- It's in the Shop!

Picture 43
Picture 42
Picture 44
Picture 41

I've been planning on doing a shop update post, but I'm so slow about getting these things posted, that by the time I get ready to do the post, the items have sold. So, here's what we've got in the shop right now. I've got some more cute dresses to go up, and shoes, and purses, so keep checking back!



emme said...


I love the look of your new shop! Vintage is definitely my thing...and you have such lovely photos to illustrate each item you have posted.

Too, too sad that I am so broke, broke, broke! :)

Fabulous job on your shop, though! I'll just have to keep looking forward to the months ahead when I really will be able to purchase something...


elventryst said...

Thanks Emily! You're too sweet. I had some really pretty dresses but they all sold fast.

Mia said...

Oh gosh you are so stunning! I love vintage! I actually made a treasure map of all vintage shops in Rotterdam yesterday and went vintage hunting! ^^

I wish you continued luck with your shop! ^^