Monday, April 20, 2009

Birdcage Vintage Shop Update

Picture 6
The beautiful frames come courtesy of Grunhild

You might have noticed that I was MIA this past weekend. On Thursday, I made a quick dash to NYC for a casting with Target, and then on Friday, Erin (my sis) and I headed down to Laurel, Delaware to pass the weekend. We hit up thrift stores along the way (it's about two hours south of where my parents live), and did some more thrifting on Saturday.

On Saturday afternoon we shot about two hundred pictures or so of me in dresses and shirts that we had thrifted. The end goal is to put them in our new Etsy store that we are so excited about. It's so fun to have a hobby, and even better since I get to work with my sis who also happens to be my best friend.

By Sunday evening, when I had returned home, we had already made three sales! What beginner's luck! I have some more posting to do to the store, so keep checking back.

In other (related) news, Erin has devoted herself to all things digital scrapbooking. She's lucky enough to have the programs Fireworks and Photoshop Elements, which means she can play around with images and do some pretty cool things. She's already made our shop look a lot cooler by creating a new header and avatar. Check it out:

I'm just jealous because I don't have the software to do such things. (Does anyone else find it strange that Macs come loaded with movie editing software and music editing software, but not a true photo editing software? I mean, am I wrong in assuming that the photo editing software would be the most useful of the three?) Oh, and my Flickr Pro account expired today. Boo hoo.


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Debbie said...

Firstly, I absolutely adore your outfits. If I could fit into them, I'd order one!

Secondly, one of my kids saw the picture of you and your dog on your etsy page and she goes, "this is cute!" I thought she was talking about your outfit and I said "this is my friend in America." She replies, "it's the dog is cute." (HK grammar isn't always great.)

Oh well, can't charm 'em all :) At least she's one of my cutest kids.