Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Dating Life of Models

I blogged the other day about the model-centric May issue of American Vogue (which I have yet to lay my hands on. I've seen it at the newsstand, but after our April 15th tax day, I have precious little money to spend on such luxuries. I'll probably just head to the library and have a good read later).

One of the stories included in the issue is about five of the models and who they are dating at the moment. I know what you're thinking-- that this is fodder for the gossip mags-- but the accompanying photos are decidedly less Us Weekly and more high fashion.

TatianaTheAnonymousModel used the Vogue spread as a springboard for her own humourous article on the dating habits of models. She explores the types of men that models date. For example:

1. The Fellow Model

As modeled by Arlenis Sosa Pena and Rene Rodriguez
Representative sentence from magazine copy: "When asked if they ever shop together, they answer in unison, 'Always!' "


  • Knows the industry, understands its demands
  • Empathizes with the indignity of having your hair pulled for a living (kinda — this happens less to boys)
  • Can tell you if you look castings-ready or not in the mornings


  • You can wear his clothes. But he can also wear yours.
  • You both do the exact same thing for a living every day. What on earth are you going to talk about?

To learn the four other types of men that models date click here to surf on over to her post.

Maybe it's just me, but her post made me laugh, and somehow struck me as true to life.


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