Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Make a Ring out of a Quarter

via Lucy's Tales from Home

How cool is this? Lucy's husband made it out of a 1962 quarter for her while they were still dating. He would sit outside his parent's house in his truck each night, hitting the edge with a spoon until it made the perfect shape. Afterwards he drilled a hole in the middle, polished it a bit, and voila! You can still read the writing inside. Another post by a different blogger tells of how their grandfather had made a quarter ring during WWII for his wife back home. He has since passed away, and that's the only ring her grandmother now wears.

How romantic!!!

Dear future husband, not that I'll imagine you'll read this, but if you do, I.Really.Want.One. (Here's another hint: pick a symbolic year. My dad was born in 1949 and my mom in 1952).

And fellas, at a loss to figure out what to give your sweetie for a present? If she's anything like me, she'll love this. Believe me. It's awesome!

How do you do it? The most important thing is you'll need a silver quarter to make one woman's ring. That means it needs to be made before 1964. They're not that hard to find-- you might just happen to have one in your pocket or change jar, or if you can't find one, try ebay. It doesn't need to be in good condition as you'll be hammering it anyway, so pay $1-2 and you'll have what you need.

I've found detailed instructions with pictures here. Have fun!


Edit: My friend, Matt, told me that you can get silver coins for current years as well, which is what he did when he wanted to make a necklace for his wife for their wedding anniversary. He procured a silver Ohio quarter (where they're both from) with the date of the year they married, and turned it into a necklace. For silver quarters in recent years, search online, on eBay, or talk to a coin dealer. I think they should run you about $20.00

Edit: My friend, Danny, ended up making a ring inspired by this post.  You can view it (and learn about his process) here:


emme said...

How beautiful! I love this idea...


TD-2243 said...

Finding the quarter is a breeze. Finding a finger to put it on is the part that's taking a bit more effort.

Blogger said...

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