Wednesday, April 29, 2009

New Shoes at Birdcage Vintage

Picture 61
Picture 62
Special thanks to clearphotostamps for making my beautiful vintage frames!
(She did them as a special request for me!)

I just did a shop update and all of these shoes are now in the shop! I'm not sure how other sellers do regular shop updates, because just listing these five pairs of shoes (what with the weighing and measuring and describing, etc.) took me all evening!

I'm working on doing another photo shoot so that we can post some more dresses. I'm trying to think of something special for the shoot. Anyway, thanks for stopping by!



devonrose said...

those are beautiful shoes and the vintage frames make them look even more amazing! your shop is looking great:)wish I had extra $'s to shop!

elventryst said...

Thanks for the support! It means a lot coming from another Etsy seller!

converse uk said...

lovely blog.. i just love it... i have some more good shoes.... check it out..